CP Design Solutions


Engineering and Product Development Services 

We can help you with any stage of the product development process.

Defining the Concept:

This is where you tell us everything you want your product to do, how you want it to look and feel, who you want it to appeal to, and what the critical features are. We work closely with you to gather all of the necessary details regarding your product including sketches, photos, and verbally communicated thoughts and ideas. Our engineers and project managers are available for phone conferences and live web conferences to discuss your ideas.

Concept CAD Models and Drawings:
The next step is the creation of 3D CAD models and renderings of your product for your review. We review the concept with you and refine it until it is exactly the way you want it.


If your idea is patentable and you want to file a patent we will can walk you through the process or we can do it all for you. The first step is a patent search to see what else is out there. Next we determine what type of patent is best for you and your invention, and so on. All the legal work is done by our certified and registered US patent agent.


After the design is in created just the way you want it in CAD we digitally analyze your product through with state of the art computer aided engineering software. Our engineers will put your invention through the worst possible conditions to ensure a robust design. The analysis will show us where we need to make improvements or changes prior to prototyping.


Once the CAD model is analyzed and validated we facilitate the fabrication of prototypes to physically test the fit, form, and function of your product and to generate interest in your idea. We utilize state of the art rapid prototyping processes including 3D printing, RTV molding, CNC machining, etc. to build your prototype to the proper speceficiation. At this point we can go back and make any changes to the design as needed.


Our supply chain managers will then carefully select suppliers who are capable of mass producing your design. These suppliers will create production representative samples which we use to conduct physical testing to validate the fit, form and function of your product. We build test fixtures, cycle testing machines, and conduct the physical testing of your product in our labs. We generate validation testing reports to show how all the key characterstics of the design performed under the test conditions. This is also where we start to develop appropriate packaging for your product so it can be sold in stores.


We also create materials such as brochures, flyers, and photorealistic renderings to assist you in marketing your product to potential customers and investors. We can even set up a website and online store for your products so that you can start selling!

Production and Quality:

We work with you and our certified suppliers to cost effectively produce your product with the highest level of quality. We develop quality control plans with the suppliers to ensure that all the critical characteristics of your design are met for every unit that is shipped to the customer.